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A&A Metal Cleaning and Stripping strips and treats the surface of metal products using a variety of techniques. We remove paint, oil and other organic coatings from steel, aluminum, magnesium and other alloys. The process is used for paint fixture maintenance, refurbishment of old parts and cleaning parts painted in error or coated incorrectly. Paint stripping prepares metal surfaces prior to re-coating.

A&A Metal Cleaning and Stripping has a process to clean your metal products!  Please call for more information and a free quote.

PHONE: 519-351-9600 FAX: 519-351-5481

Below is a list of our processes and the recommended applications of these processes.

Environmentally safe & efficientBake Off Ovens

Approved by air pollution authorities

Controlled temperatures to protect parts for longer life

Safer, faster, more efficient stripping

Eliminates chemicals, their bulk, and their waste disposal problems

The heat stripping process is ideal for removing paint from powder coating lineAfter heat treating fixtures such as hooks, racks, basketsBefore heat treating, and reclamation of manufactured parts with reject or service damaged coatings.

Removal of paint and greases and combustion contaminated engine blocks, heads, camshaft, brake parts, valve covers, oil pans and brackets.

Electrical varnish coated electrical components such as motor armatures, starters, and transformer cores.

Chemical strippingChemical Stripping

Approved water treatment plant

Rust removal


Stripping of Aluminum

Stipping of Magnesium Rust removal before and after

Capable of stripping parts as long as 24 feet and parts as small as a screw

Our chemical stripping process is ideal for removing all types of paints from all types of metals and assemblies!

There is virtually nothing we cannot clean.

Wash department

Ready to wash and degrease your parts
Removal of stamping oils

Removal of drawing compounds

Degreasing prior to assembly

Different types of rust preventatives to meet your requirements

Big or small volume washing available

Our wash department is ready to clean all your parts. Equipped with environmentally approved water treatment plant.

Manufacturing department

Hook & rack manufacturing - Bin repair & manufacturing

State of the art EquipmentManufacturing department

Certified welders

Manufacture customized hooks & racks

Basket & bin repair service

Our manufacturing department is equipped with the most modern equipment with certified welders. We are capable of manufacturing and designing customized hooks and racks. With our basket and bin repair service we take your old, bent and rusty bins, clean them, straighten them up and repaint them with the colour of your choice, Major cost savings compared to scrapping out old bins!

Glass Bead Blasting

      Glass Bead Blasting is also available

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